About Us

Key Tech provides custom managed IT services for all sized businesses based on their specific technology needs.

At Key Tech, our focus is to reduce our clients’ IT spending, while ensuring business operations and processes run smoothly. Our knowledgeable professionals accomplish this by providing ongoing consulting and network management. We use state-of-the-art remote access, and system monitoring software to continuously manage our clients’ network to eliminate costly disruptions, data loss, and cyber threats.

Prior IT Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Businesses that utilize a break/fix solution for their IT often do so in an attempt to save money. Often times, the perception is that by only paying for things when they are broken, you’re saving money, as long as things are “working.” What if we told you this way of thinking actually costs more money?

When you first get your business going with just a few employees and computers, managing your own IT doesn’t seem like an unreasonable thing to do. However, as your business evolves and your staff grows, you will need the technology to support more confidential documents throughout your organization. With the proper IT services, these documents will remain protected and backed up at all times.

For businesses with a DIY or poorly planned IT network, you will quickly find that your setup becomes a huge, problematic mess. Other networks that are more established may take a slightly longer period of time before becoming problematic, but in the end,it will cost big bucks to repair.

Regardless of how well your initial IT setup is, it WILL begin to suffer from poor performance, becoming less reliable and efficient without the necessary DAILY maintenance. Eventually and often without warning, part of the network will fail due to a lack of maintenance. This can cause business disruption, large unexpected expense, loss of your companies’ data, or worse…theft of your companies’ data. Not to mention the big expense it will cost to fix these problems.

To better understand the importance of Network Maintenance, here in an analogy that may help:

Let’s say your business is a trucking company with a 10-truck network. Your trucks run 24/7 and each truck drives several 100,000 miles per year.Do you regularly maintain your trucks by changing the engine fluids, filters, brakes, tires, and everything else necessary to keep them running and reliable?


Do you use a “break/fix solution” where you only pay to repair a truck when it breaks down? For example, on the way to a delivery the truck’s engine bursts into flames due to lack of oil. As a result, you are now forced to buy a new truck for your business, which causes a big unexpected expense.

So, just like truck maintenance every day, IT maintenance is an expense, but with it you are not just gaining service and improving your business, you are saving money with prior planning.

Why Use Key Tech as Your Managed Services Provider?

  • Our clients receive access to vetted highly qualified specialists with all the benefits of having a large in-house IT Support department without all the accrued expenses.
  • Key Tech customers receive discounts on hardware and software from companies like Microsoft, Dell, and IBM- just to name a few.
  • With our 24-hour Live Support Staff and Remote Access Software, our clients receive a quick response and issue remediation without a lengthy data collection process.
  • Cyber Security Solutions for HIPAA Compliance.
  • Whether your business is big, small, or somewhere in between, we have the staff and resources to provide custom managed IT services.

For more information on how to lower your network maintenance costs, call our 24-hour live support center and ask to be connected to one of our consultants to schedule a free network evaluation (866) 560-9690.