Data Backup

Data Backup​

It’s so important for all businesses to implement data backups on a regular schedule to ensure important documents are secured if the system crashes or the company experiences a cyberattack.

What Needs to be in a Data Backup?

All files should be regularly backed up. For many businesses, this includes everything from accounting files through email.

Protect Your Business with a Backup Plan

Some small businesses have no data backup plan in place in the event of a hard drive crash, allowing them to risk losing important documents, files, and emails. Thus, it has become more important than ever to have a reliable method to save and recover data.

Key Tech Services are Long Island data backup specialists who have over 10 years’ experience in data and disaster recovery. We know the anxiety and financial loss that businesses face when documents and image files that are critical to their business are gone due to data loss.

At Key Tech, we’ve helped countless customers with data recovery of critical files and documents by providing:

  • Remote data backup with multiple level protection
  • Continuous data protection for files
  • Remote backup software maintenance and updates 
  • SQL server backup and exchange server backup

Benefits of online backup solutions include:

  • Security: Protect your data from breaches
  • Flexibility: Scale your cloud to account for business growth
  • Speed: On-site backups don’t rely on the internet. As a result, we perform them quickly.
  • Control: You know where your data is at all times so you don’t have to worry about a sneaky hacker or data breach.