I.T. that Does More - I.T. that Costs Less

We do more than just design, build, repair, and manage computer networks. Key Tech’s focus is to lower our clients’ I.T. spending.

How we work is a Key Tech consultant will perform a thorough network inventory and have a discussion with the business owner about future I.T. plans and previous recurring spending on things like domain name registration, email and web hosting, anti-virus, offsite back-up, QuickBooks and other software related fees.

Key Tech’s consultant will then create a custom savings plan to reduce the clients’ overall I.T. spending while ensuring business operations and processes run smoothly. Our knowledgeable professionals will provide ongoing consulting and network management to limit costly disruptions, preventing data loss, and cyber threats by detecting issues and automatically repairing most of them without the need for human intervention. The less time a live technician spends on an issue, the less expensive the issue is. For issues that can’t be fixed by our monitoring software, our 24/7 Live Support Staff and Remote Access Software, clients receive a quick response and issue remediation without a lengthy data collection process. Our team also makes it a priority to develop and maintain close personal relationships with you and your entire organization.

For more information on how to lower your network maintenance costs call our 24-hour live support center and ask to be connected to one of our consultants to schedule a Free Network Evaluation (866) 560-9690.