Security & Virus Protection

Security & Virus Protection

Attacks against small and mid-sized companies are becoming more and more common. Without a secure network environment, your company is vulnerable to a number of external threats which will harm your system and your business operations. So, it’s crucial to defend your network against spyware and ransomware.

Antivirus software can be custom configured to meet your company’s unique needs. At Key Tech Services, we schedule virus scans and detect threats in real-time to ensure your network is protected at all times.

The I.T. experts at Key Tech will run scans and tests on your network to discover its weak points then use security management software to strengthen them.

Secure Your Network with Long Island’s Security Specialists

At Key Tech Services we offer a wide range of security services to protect you from viruses, spyware and cyberattacks. Our I.T. certified computer consultants can identify any vulnerable areas and implement a security plan that protects important documents, client information, financial records, and much more.

Key Tech’s Protection Plan Includes: 

  • 24/7 remote monitoring that identifies cyberattacks, hackers, viruses, spam and other threats
  • Spyware protection and removal that safeguards your network and that’s geared to fit your operational and financial goals
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to ensure secure data access for your offsite employees